We r gearing up for #SIGGRAPH2015 in LA nxt mth & #SIGGRAPHAsia in Japan this Nov! How abt u? t.co/OC5KewwuoP t.co/CFjW1Keehb
Life’s joys, laughter & adventure told through the lens of the world’s best OSCAR® #animated short films. t.co/bUMhHhxqHe
@CGWmagazine Chief Editor Karen Moltenbrey chats with Marc Barr, #SIGGRAPH2015 chair, about his link with this event. t.co/6Bf96poRFn
Imagination’s team used technical expertise in #MoCap, #3D and previz to execute a game project in under four weeks. t.co/BUG3JZ5bGK
#SIGGRAPH2015 Art Gallery features pieces from independent artists takes on the theme of "Hybrid Craft." t.co/0ACjixNbvE
Computer Graphics World's, Randall Stickrod, looses his battle with an aggressive form of cancer. RIP t.co/0PonVMfUAS #CG
Street Fighter V went into its first beta test, ahead of its 2016 release. t.co/wmKXZQCBxd #gaming
A clip on the changes in #VFX, showing the evolution between the yrs of research & developing of all the big studios. t.co/4VTQTxuq1S

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Thursday, July 25, 2013
Keynote Session Video

Eight distinguished animation film directors share their experiences along complex paths to filmmaking success.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Two blockbuster films, plus audience participation, on a giant outdoor screen: Wednesday at 8 pm.

Monday, July 15, 2013

CHARACTERIZED design competition: Tuesday at 7 pm.  

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