KITE - Khronos Initiative for Training and Education

Birds of a Feather
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 1:00pm to 1:55pm
Hilton Anaheim
California Ballroom A&B

KITE, the Khronos Initiative for Training and Education, was launched to address the need for standardized academic training programs and skills-assessment tools for engineers working with Khronos technologies. KITE’s goal is to enable educators to keep up with the evolution of these technologies and provide courseware for the most recent releases.

Erik Noreke, the chair of the KITE Advisory Panel and Khronos VP of Business Development, provides an overview of KITE and what it means for both academia and the industry. In addition, he discusses the current progress and latest achievements of the initiative.

Attendees are encouraged to discuss their experiences in teaching Khronos standards, the resources they need to improve their teaching experience, and what they can contribute to KITE's goal of developing high-quality Khronos technology-training programs.