Birds of a Feather
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 3:00pm to 3:55pm
Hilton Anaheim
California Ballroom A&B

WebCL allows web application developers to benefit from native acceleration of applications, through heterogeneous system parallelization. The WebCL API provides a JavaScript binding for OpenCL, enabling significant cross-platform acceleration of compute- and graphics-intensive web applications. WebCL further promotes ubiquitous implementation for augmented reality, video processing, computational photography, and gaming across heterogeneous systems, including mobile platforms.

Presentations consist of a WebCL tutorial, use cases and demos, and a status update of WebCL API standardization, implementation, applications, and utilities. Topics include:

• WebCL motivation, tutorial, demos, and use cases
• WebCL standardization: Status and roadmap
• WebCL API: Security requirements and provisions
• WebCL Kernel Validator
• OpenCL-to-WebCL translator utility
• Experimental integration of WebCL prototypes into browser engines
• Questions and answers