Introduction to Computer Graphics

Sunday, 21 July 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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Introduction to Computer Graphics

The best way to get all you can out of your SIGGRAPH week is to start off with a solid understanding of the basics. This course covers the basics of 3D computer graphics in a friendly and visual way, without math or programming. The course is mostly made up of live demonstrations, because computer graphics is a great way to teach new ideas! Topics include the basic principles and language, so that you'll understand what's going on around you and enjoy meaningful conversations during SIGGRAPH 2013.

9 am
Introduction and Overview

9:15 am
Live Demos of 3D Modeling, Shading, Animation, and Rendering

10:30 am

10:45 am
More Demonstrations and Discussion of Computer Graphics

Questions and Answers

Andrew Glassner
The Imaginary Institute