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Room 213 A
Tuesday, 23 July 2 - 3:30 pm


Shotgun User Group

TUESDAY, 23 JULY | 2-3:30pm
Join the Shotgun team for a look at the new 5.1 release, a sneak peek of what’s coming in 5.2, and a discussion about the themes the team is working on for the remaining releases this year. The session includes time for discussion about the new challenges facing studios, how everyone is solving them (or not), and what else Shotgun should be doing.  

Shotgun Pipeline User Group (Tank)

WEDNESDAY, 24 JULY | 2-3:30pm
Join the team behind the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit (Tank) and other studio pipeline teams to talk through the latest tools we’re all building, view some client pipeline examples, and review the challenges of modern pipeline building. The session includes a discussion about what we can all be doing as a pipeline community to further the art of pipeline and help each other do more faster and better.  Lots of tech talk in this one!