Advances in Mobile Graphics (SIGGRAPH Mobile Talks)

Wednesday, 24 July 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Chair:

Unity: The Chase - Pushing the Limits of Modern Mobile GPU

Unity Technologies is developing interactive technologies for the high-end spectrum of mobile hardware. The main goal is to achieve believable shading and lighting of human skin, and to probe the practical limits of modern mobile hardware.

Renaldas Zioma
Unity Technologies

Ole Ciliox
Unity Technologies

Moving to Mobile Graphics and GPGPU: Forget Everything You Know

Mobile GPUs differ from desktop systems in architecture as well as raw performance. This talk discusses how to get the best from the rendering and GPGPU capabilities of modern mobile hardware and how desktop GPU experience may be misleading.

Andrew Garrard
Samsung Research UK

Challenges With High-Quality Mobile Graphics

This talk identifies and explores potential solutions to the challenges that exist in bringing AAA-quality graphics to mobile, including the new features exposed by OpenGL ES 3.0, the trend to high-resolution screens, and a novel "on chip" deferred-rendering technique for Mali GPUs.

Sam Martin
Geomerics Ltd.

Marius Bjørge
ARM Holdings, plc

Sandeep Kakarlapudi
ARM Holdings, plc

Jan-Harald Fredriksen
ARM Holdings, plc