New Mobile Techniques (SIGGRAPH Mobile Talks)

Wednesday, 24 July 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Session Chair:

Multi-Channel Acoustic Data Transmission to Ad-hoc Mobile Phone Arrays

For show environments like cinemas or theaters, we demonstrate a new mobile application to create a reliable communication channel from the event towards groups of mobile phones located in the audience, based on cooperative diversity in audio data transmission.

Roman Frigg
ETH Zürich

Thomas Gross
ETH Zürich

Stefan Mangold
Disney Research Zürich

Reliable Product Visualization on Mobile Devices

To satisfy the industrial requirements for interactive high quality visualisations on mobile devices, this talk presents a rendering scheme based on OpenGL ES 3.0 for new hardware like the ARM Mali and combines it with streamed consistently raytraced images for maximum quality.

Jan Hermes
Realtime Technology AG

Andrea Weidlich
Realtime Technology AG

Create Games in Real-Time Across Mobile Devices

Drag, drop, edit, 3d models, levels, UI and source code in real-time across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Ashraf Samy Hegab

OpenCL - OpenGL ES Interop: A Case Study of Processing Live Video Streams on a Mobile Device

The interaction between OpenCL and OpenGLES bridges the gap between graphics-accelerated rendering and general processing on the GPU. This talk highlights the advantages of using the GPU as a computational device and explains the process of connecting the OpenCL and OpenGLES APIs to do high-performance visual data processing.

Adrian Bucur
Samsung Research UK