SIGGRAPH Mobile Demonstrations

Wednesday, 24 July 9:00 AM - 5:15 PM
Session Chair:

A Portable Exploratorium: Creating Hands-On Learning Experiences for the iPad

Everyone with a smartphone or tablet is carrying around a portable laboratory, yet few museums and educational content providers have taken advantage of this to create innovative learning experiences. Representatives from the Exploratorium are meeting this challenge through development of two recent apps, Color Uncovered and Sound Uncovered.

Jean Cheng


Make anything ... anywhere with the the creatAR mobile app, which finally makes augmented-reality creation easy for smartphone and tablet users. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can create whatever they want wherever they want simply by asking for it. Recreate your world with creatAR.

Mark Skwarek
Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York City College of Technology

Animesh Anand
Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Create Games in Real Time Across Mobile Devices

Drag, drop, edit, 3D models, levels, UI, and source code in real time across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Ashraf Samy Hegab

Enhanced Mobile Products Visualization in Augmented Showcase

Using MobileAR and Leap Motion to enhance product-visualization experiences on any mobile device. The system improves the tracking quality of hands, reduces the latency caused in augmented-reality showcases, and increases user expectations of handheld products.

Junming Peng
Fraunhofer IDM @ NTU

Multi-Channel Acoustic Data Transmission to Ad-Hoc Mobile Phone Arrays

For show environments like cinemas or theaters, this new mobile application creates a reliable communication channel from the event to groups of mobile phones located in the audience, based on cooperative diversity in audio data transmission.

Roman Frigg
ETH Zürich

Thomas Gross
ETH Zürich

Stefan Mangold
Disney Research Zürich

ourcam: On-Site Programming Environment for Digital Photography

This integrated development environment on a mobile device has a visual programming language and a program-sharing function, and stores specific techniques for taking digital photos and methods for building media within the digital camera for prototyping on-the-fly photographic ideas at any location.

Ryo Oshima
Keio University

Yasuaki Kakehi
Keio University

Sphero Augmented Reality: When Balls Become Beavers

A moving robot fiducial takes augmented reality on mobile devices to a entirely new level.

Jonathan Carroll
Orbotix, Inc.

Fabrizio Polo
Orbotix, Inc.