Put That in Your Pipe!

Wednesday, 24 July 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Session Chair: Mat Selby, Sony Pictures Imageworks

TidScene: Pixar's Pipeline Backplane

This multi-file database constructed with referencing and sparse overrides allows efficient, cross-application scene data interchange in a production pipeline.

Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios

Lurch!: Interactive Rendering Pipeline Automation

Lurch is an automated rendering system that performs shot-quality assurance, delivers shots from lighting to final review, and interacts with technical directors to handle failure cases, which greatly enhanced the productivity of the "Monsters University" rendering team.

Alexander Kolliopoulos
Pixar Animation Studios

ReviewTool: A Database-Driven Visual Effects Editing Application

Damien Fagnou
Moving Picture Company

Christopher Cameron
Moving Picture Company

Adam Valdez
Moving Picture Company

Pronto: Scheduling the Un-Schedulable

This talk outlines Pronto, the Moving Picture Company's application for project management, resource planning, and human-resource management.

Hannes Ricklefs
Moving Picture Company