Technical Papers

Fluid Grids & Meshes

Tuesday, 23 July 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Chair: Chris Wojtan, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Subspace Fluid Re-Simulation

An efficient new subspace method of re-simulating an existing fluid simulation with different parameters. The technique analyzes the results of an existing simulation to find an efficient, compact representation that allows perturbed versions to be computed very efficiently.

Theodore Kim
University of California, Santa Barbara

John Delaney
University of California, Santa Barbara

Synthesizing Waves From Animated Height Fields

This paper proposes automated techniques for synthesizing Fourier-based ocean waves that match a pre-visualization input, allowing artists to enhance wave animations with higher-frequency detail that moves consistently with the coarse waves, tweak wave shapes to flatten troughs and sharpen peaks, and compute a velocity field of the water analytically.

Michael Nielsen
Aarhus Universitet

Andreas Söderström
Weta Digital

Robert Bridson
The University of British Columbia

A New Grid Structure for Domain Extension

An efficient grid structure that extends a uniform grid to create a significantly larger far-field grid and allows simulation of significantly larger domains than a uniform grid, thus supporting capture of far-field boundary conditions while maintaining the same resolution in regions of interest.

Bo Zhu
Stanford University

Wenlong Lu
Stanford Univeristy

Matthew Cong
Stanford University

Byungmoon Kim
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Ronald Fedkiw
Stanford University

Simulating Liquids and Solid Liquid Interactions With Langragian Meshes

This Lagrangian finite-element method simulates liquids and solids in a unified framework. Local mesh improvement operations maintain a high‐quality tetrahedral discretization as the mesh is advected by fluid flow.

Pascal Clausen
University of California, Berkeley

Martin Wicke
University of California, Berkeley

Jonathan R. Shewchuk
University of California, Berkeley

James F. O'Brien
University of California, Berkeley