Technical Papers

Geometry & Topology

Monday, 22 July 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Session Chair: Alla Sheffer, The University of British Columbia

An Efficient Computation of Handle-and-Tunnel Loops Via Reeb Graphs

Handle-and-tunnel loops capture meaningful geometric features of a surface in 3D. Combining the Reeb graph with several insights on linking number, this paper develops an efficient and effective algorithm to compute the basis for such loops without any 3D tessellation, which was required by previous handle/tunnel computation algorithms.

Tamal Dey
The Ohio State University

Fengtao Fan
The Ohio State University

Yusu Wang
The Ohio State University

Robust Inside-Outside Segmentation Using Generalized Winding Numbers

By generalizing the winding number for arbitrary triangle meshes, this method robustly segments inside from outside. The output - a minimal tetrahedral volume mesh - may be post-processed to obtain quality elements necessary for solving PDEs. The method robustly handles meshes with multiple connected components, self-intersections, open boundaries, and nonmanifold pieces.

Alec Jacobson
ETH Zürich

Ladislav Kavan
ETH Zürich

Olga Sorkine-Hornung
ETH Zürich

Putting Holes in Holey Geometry: Topology Change for Arbitrary Surfaces

Triangle meshes are usually messy, non-solid, self-intersecting soups. Nonetheless, we show how to compute topology change (similar to CSG) in mesh sculpting/deformation contexts, in a manner applicable to arbitrary triangle meshes.

Gilbert Bernstein
University of Washington

Chris Wojtan
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

MeshGit: Diffing and Merging Meshes for Polygonal Modeling

MeshGit is a practical algorithm for diffing and merging polygonal meshes typically used in subdivision and low-polygon modeling workflows.

Jonathan Denning
Dartmouth College

Fabio Pellacini
Sapienza-Università Di Roma, Dartmouth College