Technical Papers

Quads & Meshing

Wednesday, 24 July 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Chair: Mario Botsch, Bielefeld University

Sketch-Based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshes

The first user interface specifically designed to assist interactive creation of quad meshes. The system is based on a combination of sketch-based tools to define the edge flow and an autocompletion system that helps the user fill the gaps between existing portions of the mesh.

Kenshi Takayama
ETH Zürich

Daniele Panozzo
ETH Zürich

Alexander Sorkine-Hornung
Disney Research Zürich

Olga Sorkine-Hornung
ETH Zürich

Integer-Grid Maps for Reliable Quad Meshing

Quadrilateral remeshing based on global parametrization enables high-quality results but suffers from limited reliability. This novel approach overcomes this drawback and consequently avoids tedious input parameter tuning. In addition to improving time efficiency in uniform quad remeshing, the algorithm outperforms state-of-the-art techniques for coarse quad layout construction.

David Bommes
INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

Marcel Campen
RWTH Aachen University

Hans-Christian Ebke
RWTH Aachen University

Pierre Alliez
INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

Leif Kobbelt
RWTH Aachen University

Particle-Based Anisotropic Surface Meshing

This paper introduces a particle-based framework for anisotropic surface meshing, based on minimizing the inter-particle energies in a higher dimensional "embedding space", and compares the results qualitatively and quantitatively with the state of the art in anisotropic surface meshing on several examples.

Zichun Zhong
University of Texas at Dallas

Xiaohu Guo
University of Texas at Dallas

Wenping Wang
The University of Hong Kong

Bruno Lévy
INRIA Nancy - Grand Est

Feng Sun
The University of Hong Kong

Yang Liu
NVIDIA Corporation

Weihua Mao
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Anisotropic Delaunay Meshes of Surfaces

Given a surface endowed with a tensor metric field, this paper proposes a new approach to generate an anisotropic surface mesh that approximates the surface with elements shaped according to the metric field.

Jean‐Daniel Boissonnat
Inria Sophia-Antipolis

Kan‐Le Shi
Tsinghua University

Jane Tournois

Mariette Yvinec
Inria Sophia‐Antipolis