Technical Papers

Voxels & Liquids

Tuesday, 23 July 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Session Chair: Andrew Selle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

VDB: High‐Resolution Sparse Volumes With Dynamic Topology

VDB is a novel hierarchical data structure for efficient representation of sparse and dynamic volumetric data at high resolution. It models a virtually infinite 3D index space and offers fast access methods.

Ken Museth
DreamWorks Animation

A Two-Continua Approach to Eulerian Simulation of Water Spray

A Eulerian method for simulating water spray (water droplets dispersed in air). The method couples air and water droplet phases through a Poisson equation and a drag force. Using this methodology, it is able to more faithfully capture spray dynamics than previous Eulerian methods in computer graphics.

Michael Nielsen
Aarhus Universitet

Ole Østerby
Aarhus Universitet

Liquid Surface Tracking With Error Compensation

A new error metric for quantifying artifacts in a high-resolution liquid surface tracker. The energy gradient is used to improve the liquid surface with novel physics-based smoothing or surface correction waves. Results are demonstrated with both level-set and mesh-based surface trackers.

Morten Bojsen-Hansen
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Chris Wojtan
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Closest-Point Turbulence for Liquid Surfaces

This paper proposes a method of increasing the apparent spatial resolution of an existing liquid simulation. It demonstrates a wave simulation on the liquid surface using a new technique, the Closest-Point Method, that does not require surface parameterization.

Theodore Kim
University of California, Santa Barbara

Nils Thuerey
Scanline VFX

Jerry Tessendorf
Clemson University