Technical Papers

Water & Snow With Particles

Wednesday, 24 July 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Chair: Robert Bridson, The University of British Columbia

A Material-Point Method for Snow Simulation

Combining a Lagrangian/Eulerian semi-implicitly solved material-point method with an elasto-plastic constitutive model to simulate the varied phenomena of snow.

Alexey Stomakhin
University of California, Los Angeles

Craig Schroeder
University of California, Los Angeles

Lawrence Chai
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Joseph Teran
University of California, Los Angeles

Andrew Selle
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Highly Adaptive Liquid Simulations on Tetrahedral Meshes

This new method for efficiently simulating fluid simulations with extreme amounts of spatial adaptivity combines several key components to produce a simulation algorithm that is capable of creating animations at high effective resolutions while avoiding common pitfalls like inaccurate boundary conditions and inefficient computation.

Ryoichi Ando
Kyushu University

Nils Thuerey
ScanlineVFX GmbH

Chris Wojtan
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Position-Based Fluids

This method for simulating incompressible fluids using the Position Based Dynamics framework is simple to implement, robust, and efficient enough for real-time applications.

Miles Macklin
NVIDIA Corporation

Matthias Müller
NVIDIA Corporation

Reconstructing Surfaces of Particle‐Based Fluids Using Ansotropic Kernels

A novel surface-reconstruction method for particle‐based fluid. The proposed method constructs smooth surfaces and preserves sharp features of the fluid.

Jihun Yu
Industrial Light & Magic

Greg Turk
Georgia Institute of Technology