ACM SIGGRAPH Organization Events

During the conference, ACM SIGGRAPH presents additional events of interest to SIGGRAPH 2013 attendees:

Training Seminar Sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee
and Unity 3D

SUNDAY, 21 JULY | 10 am – 6 pm | Hilton Anaheim

Hands-on workshop on how to create multi-platform 3D games with Unity from start to finish. Includes a tutorial on setting up the 3D level; creating interactivity with scripting; exporting and optimizing games for iOS, Flash, Android and PC/Mac standalone; publishing tips; and tips on how to use Unity in the classroom.

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Two free professional-development workshops sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee:

Processing as Intro to CS

SUNDAY, 21 JULY | 9 am – noon | Hilton Anaheim

Teaching Java programming through art and game creation:

  • Java-based language
  • Intuitive graphics
  • Labs and examples

Fast forward through a six-week introductory programming course designed for a high school classroom. Loops become explorations in structure and randomness. Event handling becomes controls for sprite-based games. Graphics libraries provide a study in data types and method overloading. Laptops required.

Registration details and additional information: Ginger Alford
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Drawing Machines

SUNDAY, 21 JULY | 1:30–5 pm | Hilton Anaheim

Embedded programming with a twist of studio art:

  • Arduino embedded microcontroller
  • Electronic components
  • Art supplies

Physical computing combines computer hardware with sensors and actuators to interact with the environment. Wire basic electronic circuits. Understand the difference between digital and analog signals. Be creative with light sensors, potentiometers, LEDs, and servo motors to create machines that create art. Arduinos and electronics provided for use in the workshop. Laptops required.

Registration details and additional information: Ginger Alford
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Training Seminar Sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and Side Effects Software

SUNDAY, 21 JULY | 10 am - 6 pm | Hilton Anaheim

Side Effects hosts an in-depth day of training in its award-winning Houdini software. This training is designed for university-level educators and industry professionals. Attendees may choose to attend one or all of the three sessions. Certificates of participation will be issued to course attendees.

If you are interested in participating, please register below:

10 am - 12:30 pm: Session 1: Houdini Fluids

12:45 - 3 pm  Session 2: Houdini RBD and Cloth

3:30 - 6 pm - Session 3: Houdini Look & Lighting Development

Educators Meet and Greet

TUESDAY, 23 JULY | 4-5 pm | SIGGRAPH Village

An informal reception, sponsored by Autodesk, for all educators attending SIGGRAPH 2013.

ACM SIGGRAPH Pioneer Reception

TUESDAY, 23 JULY  | 6-8pm | Hilton Anaheim Hotel, Avalon AB  

Open to Pioneer members only.


The ACM SIGGRAPH Village, located adjacent to the International Center, is composed of of booths for organizational committees and affiliated societies. Here you can obtain information and resources about the Executive, Chapters, Education, and Communications committees. Membership information is available for both current and prospective members. Stop by and pick up your Pioneer ribbon at the ACM SIGGRAPH Village.