Exhibits Fast Forward Details and Instructions

  • Fast Forward slides due on Friday, 14 June 2013, 22:00 GMT
  • Windows-based PowerPoint 2013 presentations
  • Video and audio welcome! (.mp3, .wma and .wmv, no QuickTime .mov)
  • Automatic timings for every single slide, adding up to 40 seconds or less
  • No need for a title/authors slide
  • There is no slide template.  The aspect ratio must be 16:9.
  • Informative, possibly humorous, always tasteful

The Exhibits Fast Forward session is 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm on Monday, 22 July in Ballroom AB.

During this session, each presenter has 40 seconds to promote the exhibitor's booth and entice people to visit it later in the week. Participation in this session is encouraged, but it is not compulsory.

To confirm your participation in the Exhibits Fast Forward session, please complete the Exhibits Fast Forward Form in the online submission system no later than Friday, 14 June 2013.

To prepare for Exhibits Fast Forward, you will need to upload your PowerPoint slide(s) by Friday, 14 June 2013, 22:00 GMT.  You may submit any (reasonable) number of slides, each of which must automatically advance to the slide beyond it, adding up to a maximum of 40 seconds. Your slides may contain embedded animations, audio, and video, but please avoid using too many animations or separate videos playing on the same slide; if possible, convert everything into a single video that occupies the whole slide.

Try to keep the total size of your materials (PowerPoint, audio, and video) to 40 MB or less. You will not need to add a title slide, since we will do that for you. We will concatenate all of the presentations into one large presentation, which will be pre-recorded before the show. Because the final presentation will be pre-recorded, no last minute changes can be accepted. No exceptions.


Assembling these presentations is a huge task, and we request that you help by adhering to the following general and technical guidelines:

General Presentation Guidelines

  • Any number of your colleagues appear on stage. We request that you provide at least one presenter, but there is no maximum.The presentation before you will end with their title slide, which  will be shown for exactly five seconds.  This is your window to get on stage and to the podium.  There will be two seconds of blank screen before your first slide begins. You may start speaking as soon as you arrive at the podium, or you can wait for your first slide to appear. Your presentation will end with the title slide with your information on it. This is your cue to get off the stage and let the next presenter take the podium.
  • Each exhibitor will be allotted exactly 40 seconds to speak.  All slides in your presentation must automatically advance to the next one, and the total time should add up to those 40 seconds or less.  
  • The entire Exhibits Fast Forward presentation will be pre-recorded, with all timings and slide changes built in. You will not have the ability to go back to a previous slide or to make a slide last longer. Be prepared to simply let the presentation run.
  • In order to provide the best experience for attendees, we recommend that you rehearse your presentation many times before the event, so you are familiar with the timings.
  • We will provide the five-second title slide, so there is no need for you to include this.  In particular, you WILL NOT need to include a title slide as part of your 40 seconds; we will do that for you on the five-second Title slide following your presentation.
  • Presentations will run alphabetically, by exhibitor name
  • As with any SIGGRAPH presentation, all of your slide materials must respect copyrights for all content: music, images. and video. This is important - we cannot show copyrighted material during Exhibits Fast Forward without permission).
  • All members of the SIGGRAPH community are invited to attend the Exhibits Fast Forward session. Therefore, you should make your presentation informative and easy to understand, so that attendees can decide whether to visit your booth.  In the tradition of the Technical Papers Fast Forward session, you are also encouraged to make your presentation clever or humorous, but please maintain appropriate decorum for a scientific conference.

Technical Guidelines  

  • As stated above, all slides in your presentation must automatically advance to the next, and the total time should add up to 40 seconds or less.
  • The slides should be in Windows-based PowerPoint 2013 PPTX format, and the aspect ratio should be standard 16:9.
  • You may create your slides using PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint for Mac OS, or other systems. However, you should save your slides in Windows PowerPoint 2013 format, and we STRONGLY suggest that you test your presentation on a computer running PowerPoint 2013 on Windows before you submit your files. Where possible, it is suggested that you create your presentation directly on PowerPoint 2013, since changes in format when converting from one version to another are unhappily frequent. However, you create and/or test your presentation on PowerPoint 2013, you should still try it on yet another computer running PowerPoint 2013, just to make sure it's running properly on more than one computer. We strongly suggest compiling, or at least testing, your presentation on a Windows 8 machine, to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Audio is welcome.  If you use audio in your slides, please provide it in mp3 format.
  • Video files are also welcome. These should be in WMV format exclusively; please do NOT use QuickTime (.mov) formats for your video, since they will not play in some versions of PowerPoint and are prone to video codec conflicts. Other formats have caused crashes in the past, so we need to stress that the format must be native WMV.
  • If you are submitting a file with combined audio and video, we strongly suggest you also submit an audio-only file. In case the audio portion of the combined file becomes corrupted, this will ensure your presentation still has sound.
  • When importing video, please make sure to select the option "Start Playing Automatically", when prompted.
  • Please remember not to embed video and/or audio files in the PowerPoint file. Link to them in the same directory as the presentation (PPT) file, without an absolute path name. 
  • Also please remember that image files, on the other hand, will be embedded, so there is no need to include these in the ZIP file (see next).
  • All of your files - PPT, WMVs (if any) and MP3s (if any) - should then be included in one ZIP file.  This ZIP file will be the one file to upload to SIS (see last point, below).  If, however, you only have a PowerPoint file with no audio or video, you may upload that single file unzipped.
  • More generally, we suggest that when introducing regular text you use only the standard fonts that ship with Windows. If you wish to use any fonts other than those standards in Windows (US) (for example, scientific or non-Roman characters of any kind), you should convert the text to an image and then embed the image in place of the text. Please remember that although you might be able to see your equations properly, they may not display properly on another computer.  Please test your presentation on more than one machine.
  • To submit your Exhibits Fast Forward slides, you should upload them to the online submission system (SIS).  After logging into your SIS account, follow the links for "Begin a New Submission" > "Exhibits Fast Forward". Complete the required form and then click the "Next" button to reach the file upload page. You will find a file upload field labeled "Fast Forward". You can only upload one file for your Exhibits Fast Forward materials (.ppt, .zip, .tar).  If you have more than one file (for example, movies), make sure that PPT expects to find them in the same directory as the PPT file, and please zip the files together.

You will receive an email closer to the conference detailing the check-in process for the Exhibits Fast Forward session.

Please feel free to contact Exhibition Management with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a slide template for Exhibits Fast Forward?
There is no slide template.  This is to emphasize that presenters have complete freedom in designing the slide formatting and animations, and in particular to make full use of the 16:9 aspect ratio.  The title slides that we will insert between talks will help provide a common "look".

In PowerPoint 2013, it is possible to embed videos directly inside the main pptx file.  Can I do this?
Please do not embed videos.  Instead, insert these as separate, linked video files.  (As you can imagine, concatenating 30-40 talks with embedded videos creates memory issues.)  To insert a linked video in PowerPoint 2013, from the “Insert Video” dialog box, click the drop-down menu next to the “Insert” button and select “Link to File”.

May the video file contain surround or is it limited to stereo audio?
It’s safest to just use stereo.

My presentation includes only one video file. Can I submit it alone, or should I embed it in a PowerPoint presentation?
Please create a PowerPoint file pointing to the external video file, and make sure that it runs from inside PowerPoint. (This has helped reveal problems a few times in the past.)

Please remember to save as "PowerPoint 2013 format" and to use only the video codecs listed in the instructions.