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Ballrooom AB
Wednesday, 24 July 6 - 8 pm

Dailies brought to you by DreamWorks Animation.


New Dailies location:  Ballroom AB

This celebration of excellence in computer graphics showcases images and short animations of extraordinary power and beauty. Each presenter has one minute to present an animation and describe the work. The format is very similar to Technical Papers Fast Forward, except there is no talk later in the week.

Dailies is where you will be astounded by sheer excellence in modeling, shading, animation, lighting, effects, and more. Where you can participate in the vibrant production culture that surrounds presenting and reviewing work that was completed despite seemingly endless obstacles.

Dailies Video Preview

Dailies Jury

Dailies Presenters

A One Man Effects Army
Jesus Saenz
Outcast Animation, COCOLAB

A Surprise Russian Meteor - Coincidence and Rocket Science 
Kel Elkins
Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Animator-Friendly Simulation - Rigging for Deep Dance
Georg Schneider

Asian Culture and Asian Philosophy in Game Cinematics - Legendary Heroes Cinematics
Wang Sawoozer
+AKITIPE Studios

Black Sand Wave in "Rise of the Guardians"
Brian Walters
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Black Sand Transitions in "Rise of the Guardians"
Baptiste Van Opstal
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Building Floria
Guoliang Zhu 
Liyue Shen 
Hongsa Chen
Chenxin Jiao
Kelin Zhao
Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center

Bunny Holes in "Rise of the Guardians"
Alan Cheney
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Burning Kristen Stewart
Rachael Campbell

Car Crashes in "Turbo"
Matt Titus
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Creating the Boneys for "Warm Bodies"
Pam Hogarth
Mat Krentz
LOOK Effects, Inc.

Creation of Infected Creatures in “The Last of Us”
Jaehoon Kim
Naughty Dog Inc.

Destruction in "The Croods"
Kent Lidke
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Dust and Dirt on a Complex Surface
Timothy Speltz
Pixar Animation Studios

Europa Shot 67
William Meador
Bruce Hutchinson
Chris Churchill
University of Central Arkansas

Flowerfield Interaction in "The Croods"
Chris De St Jeor
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Fired - Fire Development in "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted"
Fangwei Lee
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

How a Three-Year-Old Helped Solve a Visual Riddle on Pixar’s "The Blue Umbrella"
Farhez Payani
Pixar Animation Studios

How to Train Your Robot Challenging Student Project
Agnieszka Piechnik
Platige Image

Krzysztof Debski
Michal Sawtyruk
Daniel Klos
Jan Chmielewski
Krzysztof Koziol
Janusz Myga
Piotr Tomaszewski
Sebastian Gaczol
Animation and VFX Course

Kaleidoscope Transition in "Rise of the Guardians"
Ben Andersen
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Lefty & Boomer
Caleb Jackson
Frederic Parke
Texas A&M University

"Monsters University": A Hair and Paint Mess
Matthew Wong
Edgar Rodriguez
Amit Baadkar
Jason Johnston
Pixar Animation Studios

"Monsters University": Art's Groom and Simulation Setup
Laura Albright
Pixar Animation Studios

Multi-Million Poly Cosmic Flower
Benjamin Ridgway
San Francisco State University

Phillip Renato
Kendall College of Art and Design

Nightmares in "Rise of the Guardians"
Dustin Anderson
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Pyro in "The Croods"
Jason Mayer
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Real-Time Ink Simulation Using a Grid-Particle Method
Shibiao Xu 
Xing Mei
Weiming Dong
Xiaopeng Zhang 
LIAMA - NLPR, CAS Institute of Automation

Rendering a Paint Party
Chris Horne
Pixar Animation Studios

Scenes From “Interview”
Brian Hawkins
University of Kansas

Shadow & Light 
Matthew Clark

John Pettingill
Kelly Kin
Junze Zhou
Texas A&M University

Speed Trails in "Turbo"
Matt Titus
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Splat Rendering for Sharpless 2-106 and the Whirlpool Galaxy 
Kendall Litaker
Texas A&M University

Thomas Mann

Daniel Szymanski
Andreas Rose
Framefield GmbH

Wolf Budgenhagen

Surfacing Gee's Car in "Turbo"
Ceaser Montero
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Take Shape
Kevin Primm 
Sean McChesney
Ryan Hall
Andy Roxby
Daniel Lin
Kai-Hsin Liu
Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center

Ted Fx: Aiming to Offend
Joseph Hamdorf
Tippett Studio

The Octopus And The Geisha
Edward Dawson-Taylor

The Uses of Color-Harmony Template in "Monsters University"
Mei Kee Poh
Byron Bashforth
Pixar Animation Studios

Tiger Petting in "The Croods"
Michael Juarez
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Tracking Markers on Sullivan for Rotoscoping
Martin Senn
Pixar Animation Studios

Trip Gerbil Sand Effect in "The Croods"
Celu Ramasamy
Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation

Where My Dogs At?
Paul Kanyuk
Pixar Animation Studios

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Intro
Kelly Aguilar
Blizzard Entertainment