What is GraphicsNet?
GraphicsNet is the electronic communications backbone of SIGGRAPH 2013. Its high-bandwidth infrastructure serves as the link among the many conference programs and events, and as the gateway to the global graphics community.

GraphicsNet is constantly evolving to adapt to emerging networking technologies, and the SIGGRAPH conference programs take advantage of some of these newest technologies, from wireless to multimedia streams and gigabit transfers of graphics and visualization data.

Who is GraphicsNet?
GraphicsNet is a small, dedicated team of volunteers who design, engineer, deploy, and manage the conference network for SIGGRAPH 2013. The GraphicsNet team has openings for a few dedicated, experienced, congenial systems experts. If you would like to become part of the team, please contact the GraphicsNet Chair.

Carlos Cardenas
Joe Cychosz
Chris Deibler
Nathan Harling
Playdom, Inc.
Ed Konowal
Lee County School District
Jeremy Pollard
Swaroop Shivarajapura
Network for Computational Nanotechnology
David Spoelstra
MediaMachine LLC
Justin Stimatze
Georgetown University