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Globosome © 2012 Vera Angstenberger, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

For Volunteers
Hatching © 2012 Sandra Liu & Tong-Yi Kuo, The White Rabbbit Animation Inc.

For Attendees
"Little Talks" - Of Monsters and Men © 2012 Mihai Wilson & Marcella Moser, WeWereMonkeys

For the Media
Beauty: Real-Time Visuals © 2012 Pol Jeremias & Inigo Quilez, Beautypi

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SIGGRAPH 2012 Exhibition Floor © SIGGRAPH 2012

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Great Expectations Title Sequence © 2012 Nic Benns, Momoco

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Computational Design of Mechanical Characters © 2013 Stelian Coros, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Gioacchino Noris, Shinjiro Sueda, Moira Forberg, Robert Sumner (Disney Research Zürich), Wojciech Matusik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology CSAIL), Bernd Bickel (Disney Research Zürich)

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Butterfly Effect © 2013 Renaldas Zioma, Unity Technologies. 

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Star Trek Into Darkness image courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic / Paramount Pictures. © 2013 Paramount Pictures
Disney’s Frozen image © 2012 Disney
Marvel's "Iron Man 3" image courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2013 Marvel
ParaNorman (2012).  Photo courtesy LAIKA

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Contre Temps © 2013 Supinfocom.