For Submitters

Thank you for your time and your expertise!

SIGGRAPH 2013 will celebrate and showcase the best of you, the key contributors to, and stakeholders in, our dynamic industry. An industry that thrives in both the left and right brains, and especially across the two.

For 40 years, the annual SIGGRAPH conference has inspired the development and worldwide evolution of computer graphics and interactive techniques. It has nurtured an international community of innovation and supported a digital-media industry that influences billions of everyday lives. SIGGRAPH 2013 is honored to continue that tradition, with a focus on Community, Service, and Delight.

Please consider these questions as you prepare your papers, proposals, talks, demonstrations, artwork, animations, and digital wonders for SIGGRAPH 2013:

  • In what ways does your work add value to our Community?
  • How can we better Serve each other by sharing our content or mentoring each other?
  • How can you present your work in original and engaging ways that Delight and enthrall our attendees (and the world)?

We eagerly anticipate your sharing of yourself, your work, your solutions, and your challenges, to the delight of the entire SIGGRAPH community!

Mk Haley
SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference Chair
Disney Research