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Sunday, 21 July Noon - 5:30 pm
Monday, 22 July 9 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday, 23 July 9 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday, 24 July 9 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday, 25 July 9 am - 1 pm
XYZN: Scale

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
--William Blake, Auguries of Innocence, 1803

The Art Gallery’s 2013 theme, XYZN: Scale, draws attention to a key critical affordance of computer-based authorship: the ability to iteratively scale our digital representations at will: in-out-up-down, back and forth, + and -. These core functions enable us to change size and location over time, and at different degrees of resolution.

The SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Gallery explores how artists take advantage of these capabilities in the construction of and/or the aesthetic effects created by their work.

Art Gallery Video Preview

Art Gallery Talks

Art Gallery Jury & Subcommittee

Reception: Leonardo, Art Papers, and Art Gallery

TUESDAY, 23 JULY | 2-3:30 PM | Art Gallery
Mix and mingle with the artists, designers, and authors whose work was selected for SIGGRAPH 2013. Meet the editors of Leonardo. And greet the members of the SIGGRAPH 2013 committee who organized this year's Art Gallery.

Sponsored by Leonardo/ISAST and The MIT Press

Daily Art Gallery Tours

MONDAY, 22 JULY - WEDNESDAY, 24 JULY | 1-1:30 pm
Members of the Art Galley committee offer 30-minute guided tours to introduce attendees to XYZN: Scale. The daily tours begin in the Art Gallery.

Cloud Pink

Yunsil Heo
Hyunwoo Bang
Seoul National University

Digiti Sonus

Yoon Chung Han
University of California, Santa Barbara

Byeong-jun Han
Korea University

Drawing Machine

Robert Twomey
University of Washington

Expressive Maps

Santiago Lombeyda
California Institute of Technology

Four Mountains

Mark Stock
Independent Artist

Rhumb Lines

Barbara Keating

James McAleer

Sam Keating

Shared Skies

Kim Abeles
Abeles Studio

Spatial Hyperlink

Wan-Ying Lai
Ming-Chang Wu
Shen-Guan Shih
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


George Legrady
University of California, Santa Barbara

Marco Pinter
University of California, Santa Barbara

Danny Bazo
University of California, Santa Barbara

The Long View

Daniel Lunk
Lee Cherry
Jim Martin
Dwayne Martin
Pat Fitzgerald
North Carolina State University

This Exquisite Forest

Chris Milk
Aaron Koblin
Google, Inc.

Traces: Plankton on the Move

Cynthia Rubin
C B Rubin Studio

Susanne Menden-Deuer
Elizabeth Harvey
University of Rhode Island

Jerry Fishenden
Independent Composer/Developer

Visualizing Federal Spending

Rebecca Ruige Xu
Missouri State University

Sean Hongsheng Zhai
Red Dot Blue Square LLC

Water Columns

Mark Weston
University of South Florida