OLM Digital Presents the Anime Spirit: From Pokémon, Pac-Man to Live Action Films

Wednesday, 24 July 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Session Chair:

OLM Digital Presents the Anime Spirit: From Pokémon and Pac-Man to Live Action Films

Anime has gained great popularity in the world for its unique expressiveness in contrast to western animation. OLM Digital, a digital production company in Tokyo, keeps trying new anime styles, making the Pokémon movies over 15 years. This session presents the company’s various works in 2D/3D hybrid anime, 3DCG, S3D anime and live-action films. It focuses on how the anime spirit of OLM Digital is applied to various visual forms. The brand-new Pac-Man animated TV series, a collaborative work with Sprite Animation Studios, is also one of the highlights of this session.

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Yasuhiro Mikami
CGI Director
OLM Digital, Inc.

Masashi Kobayashi
CGI Producer
OLM Digital, Inc.

Moto Sakakibara
CEO and Creative Director
Sprite Animation Studios

Ken Anjyo
R&D Supervisor
OLM Digital, Inc.