Ray Tracing is the Future and Ever Will Be

Monday, 22 July 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM
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Ray Tracing is the Future and Ever Will Be

The primary objective of this course is to present a coherent summary of the state of the art in ray tracing technology. The course covers the most recent developments and practical aspects of the parallel construction of acceleration data structures and traversal of such acceleration data structures using highly parallel processors, including a discussion of divergent code paths and memory accesses as well as occupancy. Ray tracing in real-time games is considered one of the main application opportunities, but an important part of the course focuses on hardware for ray tracing applications in mobile platforms.

2 pm
Ray Tracing is the Future and ever will be...

2:30 pm
Combining Single and Packet Ray Tracing
2:50 pm
Parallel Hierarchy Construction

3:10 pm
Improving Coherence for Path Tracing
Laine and Aila

3:30 pm

3:45 pm
Ray Tracing in Real-Time Games

4:05 pm
Integer Ray Tracing

4:25 pm
Hardware Architecture for Incoherent Ray Tracing

4:50 pm
Low Power Consumption Ray Tracing

Alexander Keller
NVIDIA Research

Tero Karras
NVIDIA Research

Ingo Wald
Intel Corporation

Timo Aila
NVIDIA Research

Samuli Laine
NVIDIA Research

Jacco Bikker
NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda

Christiaan Gribble
SURVICE Engineering Company

Won-Jong Lee
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

James McCombe
Imagination Technologies Limited