SIGGRAPHITTI Issue 1 - April 2013

Technical Papers

Experience the most significant and latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers program receives submissions from around the globe and features high quality never before seen work.

The 40th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 21-25 July 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, will showcase the scholarly work and demonstrate what’s in store for the future.

“Computer Graphics is a dynamic and ever-changing field in many ways,” says Marc Alexa, SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers Chair from Technische Universität Berlin. “The range of ground-breaking papers presented at SIGGRAPH is getting broader every year, now also encompassing 3D printing, and fabricating realistic materials as well as generating ever more realistic images of complex phenomena.”

Technical Papers Preview:

OpenFab: A Programmable Pipeline for Multi-Material Fabrication

Authors: Kiril Vidimce, Szu-Po Wang, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley and Wojciech Matusik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology CSAIL
OpenFab is a programmable pipeline for synthesis of multi-material 3D printed objects that is inspired by RenderMan and modern GPU pipelines. It supports procedural evaluation of geometric detail and material composition, using shader-like fablets. It is implemented in a streaming fashion within a fixed memory usage target.

Opacity Optimization for 3D Line Fields

Authors: Tobias Günther, Christian Roessl, and Holger Theisel, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
For visualizing dense line fields, this method selects lines by view-dependent opacity optimizations and applies them to real-time free navigation in flow data, medical imaging, physics, and computer graphics.

AIREAL: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Authors: Rajinder Sodhi, University of Illinois; Ivan Poupyrev, Matthew Glisson, Ali Israr, Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company
AIREAL is a tactile feedback device that delivers effective and expressive tactile sensations in free air, without requiring the user to wear a physical device. Combined with interactive graphics and applications, AIREAL enables users to feel virtual objects, experience free-air textures and receive haptic feedback with free-space gestures.

Bi-Scale Appearance Fabrication

Authors: Yanxiang Lan, Tsinghua University; Yue Dong, Microsoft Research Asia; Fabio Pellacini, Sapienza Universita’ Di Roma, Dartmouth College; Xin Tong, Microsoft Research Asia
A system for fabricating surfaces with desired spatially varying reflectance, including anisotropic ones, and local shading frames.

Map-Based Exploration of Intrinsic Shape Differences and Variability

Authors: Raif Rustamov, Stanford University; Maks Ovsjanikov, École Polytechnique; Omri Azencot, Mirela Ben-Chen, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; Frederic Chazal, INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France; and Leonidas Guibas, Stanford University
A novel formulation of shape differences, aimed at providing detailed information about the location and nature of the differences or distortions between the shapes being compared. This difference operator is much more informative than a scalar similarity score, so it is useful in applications requiring more refined shape comparisons.

Image Credit: AIREAL: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air, authored by: Sodhi, Rajinder - University of Illinois; Poupyrev, Ivan - Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company; Glisson, Matthew - Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company; Israr, Ali - Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company

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SIGGRAPH 2013 Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 2013 serves as a meeting place to turn imagination and dreams into reality. Attendees come from around the world to learn, share ideas, compare the latest products, and buy! SIGGRAPH hosts the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive techniques marketplace. The exhibition offers each SIGGRAPH attendee the opportunity to interact, view and learn about the latest products and services in the marketplace. Attendees will see the innovators behind the products, allowing them to ask questions, retain a deeper understanding and experience the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques onsite.

New! Exhibitor Fast Forward
The Exhibitor Fast Forward, a new SIGGRAPH offering, will allow attendees a sneak peak of the products and announcements that companies plan to make during the exhibition in a fast paced, entertaining session prior to the exhibition opening. At no cost, each exhibitor will be offered an opportunity to present their message in front of SIGGRAPH attendees.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Exhibitor list

SIGGRAPH 2013 for Educators

SIGGRAPH 2013 features five days of talks, technical sessions, hands-on exhibits, networking opportunities and affinity groups for educators.
On Sunday, 21 July, a pair of co-located workshops held at the Hilton Anaheim is being offered specifically for educators: "Processing as Intro to CS" and "Drawing Machines." Also on Sunday, SIGGRAPH 2013 kicks off with the popular "Introduction to Computer Graphics" course for educators and others who want a complete, concise summary of this dynamic field.
On Sunday, 21 July and Monday, 22 July, more than 15 Birds of a Feather sessions focus on a variety of education-related topics, including 3D printing technology, integration of art and science, worlds of art and music, open source in graphics education and more. One session ("Studio View of Demo Reels," on Sunday, 21 July) focuses on game designers' demo reels and the other ("VFX Student and Intern Showcase," on Monday, 22 July) showcases visual-effects production. Other sessions explore open standards, undergraduate research, and multi-disciplinary collaboration in education.
SIGGRAPH 2013 offers several courses that focus on the subject matter that educators teach and/or subjects that educators may want to integrate in their teaching like VFX, physical computing, and new interfaces for musical expression. On Tuesday, 23 July, Art Papers such as "Early History of French Computer Graphics" and "The Emergence and Growth of Evolutionary Art 1980-1993" help students and educators understand the historical context of their academic pursuits.
Production sessions for games and films provide even more opportunities for educators to learn about state-of-the-art applications. And, of course, educators can (and should) see the annual Computer Animation Festival, new products in the Exhibition, Emerging Technologies, and interactive/hands-on activities in the Studio.

Image Credit: Arts/Tech Collaboration with Embedded Systems and Kinetic Art, authored by: Brunvand, Erik - University of Utah

SIGGRAPH in Anaheim

Anaheim offers numerous activities to keep you busy and enjoy your stay. Whether you want to experience the outdoors, catch an Anaheim sporting event, site see around the city, or indulge in some of their signature food, Anaheim has it all.

A quick 30 minute drive from Los Angeles, attendees have the option to fly into both the Los Angeles International Airport or John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

Much like Los Angeles, Anaheim is booming with activities and events. Check out some of the top places to see while you visit Anaheim for SIGGRAPH 2013.

This year at the conference, attendees can enjoy the new outdoor space located in front of the convention center. It’s a beautiful space to take in the Southern California weather while networking with fellow attendees during breaks or lunches throughout the conference week.

View hotel and travel information to plan your trip to Anaheim.

Call for Submissions

The 7 May late deadline for Posters is quickly approaching for SIGGRAPH 2013.

Posters are meant to express a novel idea in a simple and concise way. Submissions can include ideas that are still "under construction" and for student work. Work submitted as a poster does not need to be complete, but it should have enough substance to be evaluated. The Late Posters submission deadline is by 7 May 2013.

All deadlines are at 22:00 UTC/GMT. To determine what time that is where you are, you can use a converter such as The World Clock.

SIGGRAPH Business Symposium

Explore the present and future of the industry with SIGGRAPH at the 2013 Business Symposium, the Symposium for Content Creation Executives.

As executives across content creation industries continue to face what appear to be endless challenges to our businesses, the SIGGRAPH Business Symposium offers attendees an intense, productive day focused on Disruption and Innovation. Unlike any other conference, SIGGRAPH provides a unique forum where leaders from film, games, and broadcast cross paths and share ideas with NASA scientists and world-class researchers. With your participation, our day will provide invaluable insights and conversation from across the SIGGRAPH communities.

Please note: A separate registration fee is required for the Business Symposium.

The Business Symposium on Sunday, 21 July, is a a day of enlightment and inspiration for approximately 250 studio leaders and facility executives in the production and creative communities, investment bankers, lawyers, and various government representatives who want to move beyond the constant disruption happening all around us. Expected executives in attendance include:

  • VFX Supervisors
  •  CTOs
  •  CFOs
  •  CEOs
  •  VPs
  •  General Managers
  •  Etc.

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