Effects Omelette

Monday, 22 July 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Session Chair: Mark Carlson, DreamWorks Animation

"Man of Steel": Procedural City Building and Destruction

On "Man of Steel", one challenge was to procedurally generate the city of Metropolis, and then flattening it. This talk covers the techniques employed to build the city and simulate its destruction.

Eugénie von Tunzelmann
Double Negative Visual Effects

Simulating Fluids Using a Coupled Voxel-Particle Data Model

A new data model that provides tightly coupled volumes and particles in a FLIP fluid solver, which together with native compiler support results in much greater parallelism across heterogeneous architectures.

Dan Bailey
Double Negative Visual Effects

Jack's Frost: Controllable Magic Frost Simulations for "Rise of the Guardians"

An art-directable system for magical frost simulations in "Rise of the Guardians" that convey the hero's emotional state and deliver key plot points.

David Lipton
DreamWorks Animation

Ben Sutherland
DreamWorks Animation

Ken Museth
DreamWorks Animation

Bubbles and Foam in "Partysaurus Rex"

This talk explains how Pixar Canada created soap bubbles and foam for the animated short film "Partysaurus Rex". Scenes in the film featured millions of bubbles floating on cascades of moving water. The bubbles were coated and interacted with characters, and they burst when hit by droplets of water from a shower.

Adam Harder
Pixar Canada

Chris Mangnall
Pixar Canada