Rendering Grab Bag

Thursday, 25 July 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Chair: Pete Segal, The Foundry

SnugBlur!: Contraint-Preserving Motion Blur

Many renderers compute motion blur linearly, which can produce artifacts when an object nonlinearly moves near another. For instance, an eyelid intersects an eyeball during a blink motion. This talk presents constraint-preserving motion blur, which allows us to selectively correct complex motion paths while preserving the linear simplicity of others.

William Kerr
Pixar Animation Studios

David Ryu
Pixar Animation Studios

Pencil-Tracing Mirage: Principle and its Evaluation

A method of simulating various mirages in 3D CG. Mirages are caused by the fluctuation of the refractive index of the air. This talk focuses on the pencil-tracing technique and how it replicates the fluctuating appearance of mirages by introducing a perturbation component.

Katsuhisa Kanazawa
Tokyo Healthcare University

Yuma Sakato
Tokyo Denki University

Tokiichiro Takahashi
Tokyo Denki University

Screen-Space Curvature for Production-Quality Rendering and Compositing

A new screen-space method for computing mean curvature of arbitrarily complex objects, including (animated) subdivision surfaces, procedural displacements, and implicit surfaces.

Nicolas Mellado

Pascal Barla

Gaël Guennebaud

Patrick Reuter

Gregory Duquesne
Luxology LLC

Discrete Texture Design Using a Programmable Approach

This talk considers discrete textures as programs that place points, curves, and regions. The programs are based on an operator set that factorizes redundant concepts shared by classic element-distribution algorithms. This programmable approach is able to represent and produce a wide diversity of textures.

Hugo Loi

Thomas Hurtut
L'Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité

Romain Vergne

Joëlle Thollot