Shadertoy: Live Coding for Reactive Shaders

Real-Time Live!
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Anaheim Convention Center
Hall A

At SIGGRAPH 2012, after Beautypi showed visuals on stage that reacted to music and controllers that could interact with the audience, many people expressed interest in building similar visuals. For SIGGRAPH 2013, Beautypi introduces Shadertoy, a web tool that allows developers all over the globe to push pixels from code to screen using WebGL. Developers can create shaders in a live-coding environment that allows them to see the final results as they are coding. The creations can react to various inputs, such us music, videos, time of day, or even a webcam.

In addition to the coding tool, introduced a social platform, for sharing feedback and promoting great work. The site opened on 18 February, and in a week it received more than 150 pieces showing a great variety of rendering techniques, from post-processing effects, procedural raymarchers, and raytracers to demoscene pieces. It is a place for professionals and students alike to learn and teach about visuals, interactions, reactivity, procedural modeling, GPU internals, and shading.

This demonstration introduces the platform and the technology, then shows how to use it to create a shiny real-time piece live.

Inigo Quilez

Pol Jeremias