Example SIGGRAPH Dailies Presentations

In this Dailies presentation, Fran Kalal talks about how she identified with Ellie as she ran cloth simulations for Ellie's wedding dress while planning her own wedding.

This example of a recorded Dailies presentation is a little more philosophical, as Scott Keating struggles with how to balance art and technology to produce a realistic, yet believable pyroclastic simulation.

In this Dailies presentation, Ferdi Scheepers talks about how to meet the challenge of getting a dynamics simulation of a collapsing building to look just right. After all his hard work, he ended up having to watch his shot be relegated to the background instead of being a hero shot.

This example of a recorded Dailies presentation sums up the challenges of meeting an extremely short deadline. The search for inspiration led Mark Wrabel down interesting paths, some of them not as useful as he'd hoped.