Exhibits Fast Forward

New Free Promotional Opportunity

Exhibits Fast Forward is a new opportunity for SIGGRAPH 2013 Exhibitors. It offers attendees and media a sneak peek at what will be showcased at the Exhibition. Each exhibitor has an opportunity to present their message in front of an energetic audience of SIGGRAPH attendees and media.

This opportunity allows you to promote to all attendees and media why they should come and see you in your booth, with a slide or video in a short, enthusiastic presentation. This is offered to you, as an exhibitor, at no cost. Your only investment is a little time and creativity in your 40-second presentation.

The live all-exhibitor presentations in this fast-moving format are happening on Monday, 22 July. Take advantage of this program and:

  • Make connections quickly and direct attendees' focus to the show floor
  • Show attendees and media why they should visit your booth
  • Make sure you reach out to attendees and media before the show even opens

Please read the information below on some of the details and instructions for preparing your Exhibits Fast Forward presentation.


  • Windows-based PowerPoint 2010 presentations
  • Video and audio welcome! (.mp3, .wma and .wmv, no QuickTime .mov)
  • Automatic timings for every single slide, adding up to 40 seconds or less
  • No need for a title/authors slide
  • Informative, possibly humorous, always tasteful

Exhibits Fast Forward begins at 3:45 pm on Monday, 22 July.

Participation is voluntary and at no-cost. We are expecting most exhibitors will sign up. The fast-paced format will allow attendees and media to see a sample from a majority of the exhibitors. Do not be left out.

If you would like to participate and want more details, please contact Exhibition Management via email or call: 866.951.7444 or +1.630.434.7779.