Media Briefing and Media Tour

Each year, the SIGGRAPH Media Team works to pitch stories and content to local and national news outlets. Occasionally, these outlets cover the conference and exhibition with live "stand-ups". If you would like to be considered to have your booth profiled, send a brief description of your booth, and why it would generate media interest, to Exhibition Management. Booths showcasing interactive technology where the reporter can physically experience the product or technology live are most likely to be selected.

SIGGRAPH 2013 is looking to feature select exhibitors in the Media Briefing, Tuesday, 23 July, 8:15 am - 9 am. If you are planning a major announcement at SIGGRAPH 2013, and you are interested in having your announcement or release available at Tuesday morning's Media Briefing, please email your announcement details to Marcia Daudelin. Exhibitors are not permitted to hold a competing media event against the SIGGRAPH Media Briefing:

Exhibitors are asked to inform the SIGGRAPH media relations staff of all media receptions, briefings, and events, so we can provide the media with up-to-date information about your media-related activities. This will also enable exhibitors to avoid conflicts with other competing briefings, since the public relations staff will maintain a master schedule. Please fax (+1.312.673.6707) or email all confirmed events to Marcia Daudelin so her staff can answer media inquiries. Invitation-only events will not be posted, but will be used as reference to assist editors who request information with the time/date/location of your media event.

Media Facilities

Media headquarters is located on Level 2 in the convention center, 209 Room B. A message board is located in the media headquarters to communicate with media registrants. Exhibitors are permitted to leave promotional kits in the Media Lounge. Marcia Daudelin can be reached at +1.312.673.4818 on all matters relating to the media room operation, media events, and publicity.

Media Lists

An electronic list with names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses (if provided) of the pre-registered media will be available after Wednesday, 12  June. Email your request for the pre-registered Media List to Exhibition Management.

Media Tour & Media Briefing

Following the SIGGRAPH 2013 Media Briefing (8:15 am on Tuesday), the Exhibition will open to the media at approximately 9 am. Editors will have access to the exhibit floor in this time frame for a "sneak preview" of the latest products and applications. Maybe they will stop by your booth.