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Air Painting & More: Revolutionary New Ways to Paint!

Experience air painting with the Leap Motion Controller and Corel Painter Freestyle, an exciting new digital-painting paradigm in which you control your brush strokes through finger movements in the air, plus the latest in photo painting with Corel Painter and painting on the iPad.

Jeremy Sutton
Sutton Studios & Gallery

CUMOS+: Cubic Kaleidoscope Workshop

In this workshop for producing cubic kaleidoscopes, attendees draw pictures on a computer and use a cutting plotter to cut them into polycarbonate mirrors. Then they incorporate colorful light into the interior of the cubic kaleidoscope, using color-seal film and permanent-marker pens.

Minori Yamazaki
Joshibi University of Art and Design

Keisuke Shuto
Joshibi University of Art and Design

Junichi Kanebako
Joshibi University of Art and Design

Hiroko Uchiyama
Joshibi University of Art and Design


Digiplasty is an on-going digital sculpture experiment that focuses on shared-control geometry authoring and editing. DigiplastySIGGRAPH explores shared-control editing for character creation and animation.

James Stewart

Makai Smith

Eleonor Lindvall

Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces

An open collaborative research project that investigates hidden physical processes in our everyday environment, which is saturated by electromagnetic waves, especially ionic radiation. The project investigates the effect of electromagnetic waves and ionic radiation on living cells and organisms.

Robert Lisek
Institute for Research in Science and Art

Fight Our Shadow Robot

A digital workshop that offers paper-craft activities transforming characters from 2D to 3D and into interactive game play.

Hiroshi Suzuki
Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Haruo Hayami
Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Hisashi Sato
Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Interactive Card-Weaving Design and Construction

An interactive system to assist design of original weaving patterns and their construction. Users can design the color of each warp yarn, the direction of four yarns passing through each card, and the direction and number of rotations of the cards.

Yuki Igarashi
Jun Mitani
University of Tsukuba

iPi Mocap: Multi-Kinect Motion Capture Technology

With two depth-sensing cameras positioned in front and in back of the actor, this markerless motion capture technology system accurately captures fine details of human motion.

Michael Nikonov
iPi Soft LLC

Pavel Sorokin
iPi Soft LLC

Andrey Bibitchev
iPi Soft LLC

Vasily Maslov
iPi Soft LLC

Pi Drums

PI Drums are ordinary drums transformed into programmable electronic instruments. Program your own interactive musical interfaces using the Pure Data graphical programming environment and Raspberry PI computers.

Barry Moon
Arizona State University

Miller Puckette
University of California, San Diego

Hilary Harp
Arizona State University

Byron Lahey
Arizona State University

Romibo Robot Project

Social robot therapy is known to benefit individuals with autism, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and other social and emotional disabilities. The Romibo mobile robot allows attendees to enjoy participating in the evolution and development of this technology by contributing personal experiences and expertise through clever hacks.

Aubrey Shick
Carnegie Mellon University

SmartVCS: Shooting Avatar on your iPad?

With accessible hardware such as multi-touch tablets and the latest video game motion controllers, there is an opportunity to develop a new intelligent, freespace capture device and platform using nothing more than consumer technologies to augment and evolve the functionality of the virtual camera system.

Girish Balakrishnan
Drexel University

The Importance of Being Earnest - The Steampunk Version

Attendees are invited to participate in this project to create a unique animation during SIGGRAPH 2013. Working with actors, attendees will be able to direct and create unique animations with motion capture. Attendees are invited to bring their short scripts.

Kan Anant
PhaseSpace, Inc.

Tracy McSheery
PhaseSpace, Inc.

The Tampa-to-Anaheim Soup-to-Nuts Hackshack

This DIY workshop provides tools to develop ad-hoc solutions for issues of everyday life. Projects include creating microphones, speakers, solenoid instruments, and paper circuits. Small projects provide instruction in 3D modeling, electronics, strategies for clockwork mechanization, and armchair engineering.

Anat Pollack
University of South Florida

Mark Weston
University of South Florida

Wurm Hole One-Minute Portrait Sculptures

In this project, inspired by the Austrian performance artist Erwin Wurm, attendees perch on a custom CNC platform that rotates while a 3D IR sensor continuously scans their bodies over a 12-foot vertical arc. Output is sent to 3D printers for creation of souvenir "one-minute" portrait sculptures.

Daniel Collins
Arizona State University

Aubrey Wigner
Arizona State University

Don Vance
Arizona State University