Attendees Experience New Technologies at the SIGGRAPH 2013 Studio


18 July 2013
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Brian Ban

(Chicago, IL) – Studio sessions at SIGGRAPH 2013, 21-25 July at the Anaheim Convention Center in California offer a collaborative working environment, the latest technologies and brightest minds a chance to come together to learn, experiment, and create. Attendees can explore the Studio and try out a wide range of new techniques and media in, including 3D printing, modeling, and animation software and get help from experienced hands.

“Studio is a stand out program at SIGGRAPH, year over year,” said Patricia Clark, SIGGRAPH 2013 Studio Chair. “It’s a playground It’s more than just seeing the new technology and what it can produce, but attendees have the chance to see how experienced professionals are making the technology work for them in real life.”

Below are a few highlights of each facet of SIGGRAPH 2013’s robust Studio sessions.

Studio Talks
Attendees get a behind-the-scenes look at Studio-related technologies, artwork, and concepts and have the chance to discuss the technologies with the presenters. Attendees can choose from a sampling of the offerings below the full list of Studio Talks here.

Playing Audrey II: Creating a Digital Actor Through Game Technology
This talk discusses how a team of faculty and students used digital game technology, motion capture, and facial animation to create a fully realized digital actor (the man-eating plant Audrey II from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”) that performed on-stage with live actors in November 2012.

The Bleeding Edge of 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication
This presentation provides an overview of new directions in 3D printing and digital fabrication. It includes short video clips of a variety of different systems.

Studio Workshops
Attendees engage a series of in-depth, intimate workshops, taught by the best in the industry. Attendee highlights include the following, or see the full list of Studio Workshops here.

Make Mobile Apps Quickly
Using a variety of free open-source tools, build mobile apps quickly and easily.

3D Scanning and Fine Tooning With FaceGen
Using high-resolution video capture and software from FaceGen, Autodesk MotionBuilder, and other vendors, Ketrina Yim works with attendees to create 3D characters from their own faces and animate them in real time with live expressions by building a facial rig inside MotionBuilder.

3D Data Capture
A hands-on demonstration of the various 3D data capture devices in Studio 3D.

Studio Projects
Attendees get hands on experience with the following. See the full list of Studio Projects here.

Air Painting & More: Revolutionary New Ways to Paint!
Experience air painting with the Leap Motion Controller and Corel Painter Freestyle, an exciting new digital-painting paradigm in which you control your brush strokes through finger movements in the air, plus the latest in photo painting with Corel Painter and painting on the iPad.

CUMOS+: Cubic Kaleidoscope Workshop
In this workshop for producing cubic kaleidoscopes, attendees draw pictures on a computer and use a cutting plotter to cut them into polycarbonate mirrors. Then they incorporate colorful light into the interior of the cubic kaleidoscope, using color-seal film and permanent-marker pens.

Electromagnetic and Radiation Spaces
An open collaborative research project that investigates hidden physical processes in our everyday environment, which is saturated by electromagnetic waves, especially ionic radiation. The project investigates the effect of electromagnetic waves and ionic radiation on living cells and organisms.

Interactive Card-Weaving Design and Construction
An interactive system to assist design of original weaving patterns and their construction. Users can design the color of each warp yarn, the direction of four yarns passing through each card, and the direction and number of rotations of the cards.


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